Serving North Denver Since 1933

Billy’s Cocktails


The Original Sauza Gold, triple sec, agave sweet & sour 5.50

The Original Strawberry Sauza Silver, strawberry purée, shaken with crushed ice and agave sweet & sour 6.50

Gold Margarita Corazon Reposado, Citronge, agave sweet & sour 7.50

Midori Melon Margarita Sauza Silver, Midori melon liqueur, agave sweet & sour 6.50

The Undercurrent 1800 Silver, Blue Curacao and agave sweet & sour served up with a Chambord float 8.00

Cosmorita 30/30 Blanco, triple sec, cranberry, Agavero liqueur, agave sweet & sour 6.50

Jalapeñorita Herradura Blanco, triple sec, agave sweet & sour, jalapeño pepper 7.50

Billy’s Silver Coin Herradura Blanco, Cointreau, fresh squeezed lime juice 7.50

Billy's Inn