Serving North Denver Since 1933


Billy’s Burgers are cooked medium and are made from fresh ground chuck. Served on a brioche bun with Fries. Baja Slaw on request. Substitute Side Salad add 2.50. Add an egg to any burger for 1.00. Substitute Sweet Potato Fries or Onion Rings add 1.50. Sub Grilled Chicken Breast, Garden Burger or Turkey Burger for 1.00.

Bacon and Cheese Stuffed Burger 12.00
Billy’s Cheese and Bacon on the inside, Billy’s Cheese and Sugar-Cured Bacon on the outside with Billy’s Secret Sauce.

Sante Fe 11.00
Poblano mix, pepperjack cheese

Guacamole Bacon Burger 12.00
Guacamole, Billy’s Sugar-Cured Bacon & Swiss cheese

Billy’s Classic Burger 10.00
Choice of cheddar, Swiss, provolone, pepperjack or bleu cheese (jalapeno cream cheese add .50)

Texas Burger 11.00
BBQ Sauce, cheddar cheese, Billy’s Sugar-Cured Bacon

B.O.M.B 12.00
Billy’s Sugar-Cured Bacon, grilled onions, mushrooms, bleu cheese

Skippy 11.00
Topped with peanut butter, mayo, pepperjack cheese and Billy’s Sugar-Cured Bacon