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Tequila Club

For many years, tequila was confined largely to margaritas and shooters at the bar. But the world of tequila has changed and today, fine tequilas are highly coveted by collectors world-wide.  At Billy’s Inn, we carry more than 120 types of tequila.  With so many different tequilas – each with its own unique personality, we want to give you a chance to try as many as possible.

Each quarter, the Tequila Club features 12 different tequilas.  As you work through tasting each selection, you will earn prizes.  Once you have tried all 12 of them during the 3 months they are featured, you will earn a Billy’s Inn T-shirt.

Participants who try all 48 of the featured tequilas in one year, will earn their name on our Tequila Club plaque displayed at our bar, as well as an invitation to an exclusive Tequila Club tasting party.  

Arta Anejo

The art of agave.  Smoky agave nose.  The taste is very soft and sophisticated with sweet notes layered with hints of vanilla and caramel.  The finish is dark, pleasant and satisfying befitting the true Tequila of connoisseurs.

Arta Reposado

The art of fiesta.  A warm nose with hints of oak.  The traditional reposado flavor is complemented with herbal and floral notes and a finish of honey and vanilla.

Arta Silver

The art of surf.  Distilled three times and has a pleasant nose with hints of citrus peels and hints of honey herbal notes round out the taste finishing with a slightly sweet component.

Azunia Anejo

Sip-able ultra-premium tequila that is aged in excess of 12 months in American Oak barrels for a smooth, buttery finish of vanilla, chocolate and caramel.  This classic anejo has a nose full of fruit and caramel.

Azunia Blanco

Estate crafted using 100% Weber Blue Agave from dedicated fields in the Jalisco low lands.  Rested for 8 months, presents a light agave aroma with hints of butterscotch and wood.

Azunia Reposado

Aged in excess of 3 months in American Oak barrels for a touch of smokiness, and a slight vanilla and nut finish.  Make with 100% Weber Blue Agave.

Casa Noble Anejo

Aged for 2 years in French White Oak barrels.  Made from organically grown, 100% Blue Agave.  Contains notes of cooked Agave, spices and dried fruits enriched with butterscotch vanilla and rich French oak.  Has a sweet, powerful oak finish.

Casa Noble Blanco

Triple distilled and bottles.  Made from 100% Blue Agave organically grown and harvested for 10 to 12 years.  Possesses complex aromas of raw and cooked agave with notes of citrus and pepper.  Tastes of buttery, sweet Agave and pieces complimented by a hint of citrus.  Clean, smooth and silky finish.

Casa Noble Reposado

Aged for 364 days in French White Oak barrels.  Made from organically grown 100% Blue Agave.  Contains aromas of soft vanilla, delicate white oak, light but persistent lemon grass and floral notes.  Tastes of sweet agave and vanilla with a touch of oak.  Has a sweet, powerful oak finish.

Corazon Anejo

Aged for a minimum of 12 months in specially selected small Canadian white oak barrels that have been used only for tequila.  Smooth sipping tequila possessing a rich complexity and a hint of vanilla, almond and spice undertones.  Medium-to-full bodied palate with rich caramel, brown spice and grilled fruit notes.

Corazon Blanco

Non-aged for a clean, herbal and smooth finish.  Lush, spicy agave nose.  Medium full body.  Rich, smooth agave palate with delicate pineapple fruit notes and a surprising peppery snap and finish.

Corazon Reposado

Aged for a minimum of 6 months in new Canadian barrels.  Faint perfumed nose.  Medium body.  Clean, spicy and woody with a complex layering of dried fruits, caramel, feeling.  Warm, lingering herbal finish.